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Are you going through some of your toughest moments?
Feeling tired?
In pain?
Struggling emotionally?

I hear you and I’m here to be of service.


Jessica Kruse

Ayurveda practitioner, yogini, and massage therapist. Together, we will uncover the root of your discomfort and start making positive changes that will last. My goal is to be your guide on this journey to feeling whole again.

My approach is more than just herbal remedies and the physical movements of Yoga and massage– I harness a healing energy that cannot be explained and I’ll help you to do the same. You deserve to connect with your true self and heal in a supportive and empowering environment.

I help you to adopt an Ayurvedic approach to your entire life to find daily balance. By taking radical responsibility for your health, you’ll step into your personal power, improve your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing, and bring more clarity into your life.

I provide a safe space where you can explore the root cause of your suffering; your deepest fears, anxieties and stresses, in order to learn how to release self-doubt, take loving care of yourself and reconnect with the healthiest version of yourself.

Take a slow, long, deep breath because you’re finally in the right place!

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What my clients say:

“The steam thing was great… but your massage was next level, I feel phenomenal. It was one of the best I’ve ever had and I’ll be seeing you again.”


““That was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, I want to do a weeklong (panchakarma) program with you!””


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I believe

Ayurveda allows us to understand
ourselves deeply, experience balance
and serenity & heal in an integral way
like no other medicine does!

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I know embarking on a wellness journey may seem scary and overwhelming. Especially when you don’t feel supported.

That s why I’d like to offer you a complimentary consultation, so you can ask me everything you want to know before taking the leap.

I’m here for you!


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