Ayurvedic Pickled Ginger

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Is your appetite variable?

Do you have indigestion, bloating or gas or simply feel blah after eating?

At the core of Ayurveda lies a simple yet profound principle.

Agni Deepana & Ama Pachana – balancing the digestive fire and eliminating toxins from the body, respectively.?

Impaired digestive fire (Agni) can affect the body’s ability to digest food and eliminate toxins.

Digestion becomes impaired from a number of things including eating incompatible food combinations. Also from foods that aren’t compatible with our unique mind body constitution, which can imbalance our doshas.

Imbalanced Dosha and weak Agni creates Ama (toxins)

One of the simplest ways to do Agni Deepana is to eat a pinch of “Ayurvedic Pickled Ginger”

Then for Ama Pachana sip on the famous CCF Tea after you eat

This will greatly improve your digestion and help reduce or eliminate any bloating and gases produced

(also following the basic rules of food combining is vital)

Try this Ayurvedic Recipe!

To stimulate Agni (your digestive fire)

Chew this and have a sip of warm water 20 minutes before lunch and dinner…


  • a piece of fresh grated ginger

  • a pinch of salt

  • covered in fresh lime juice

Tip You can make enough for 3 days and store in airtight container.

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