Balancing Your Mind & Body with Ayurvedic Wisdom of Gemstones & Colours

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We don’t know exactly how these gemstones work. They seem to be able to strengthen & nourish a person with their corresponding planetary energy, but also protect them from an excess of that energy. The actions of gemstones and crytals can only be explained by prabhāva, and not by the logic of rasa, vīrya, vipāka, nor even by the phytochemical effects on the doshas.

~Dr.Vasant Lad

Edmonton Even Alert!

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Colour is light and the source of light in our solar system is the sun. Sun rays contain radiant energy and the colours are due to the reflection of light rays of various frequencies, which are particles vibrating at a certain speed. When a ray of sunlight passes through a prism, it’s split into 7 brilliant colours and every colour has a different wavelength and frequency; which – you may have guessed it- are related to the 7 chakras. The colours also relate to the 7 days of the week! (And that’s a whole other blog I’d say lol)

Our physical body is simply trapped light and every individual has a unqiue constitutional colour spectrum; a chromo prakruti– related to our dosha prakruti. If there is a deficiency or excess of a certain colour it will affect the functioning of the related charka, as well as deranging the related doshas (aka- potential malaise of the mind & body)

To pacify a particular dosha, one can wear certain gemstones, clothes and live in rooms made of colours that reduce that dosha, while avoiding those that aggravate it. The ancient Ayurvedic literature explains the effects of specific gemstones and crytals in healing the subtle bodies and ultimately the physical body. On the pysical level, gemstones can pacify the doshas and help aide ailments caused by their excess or deficiency.

Along with an ideal diet & lifestyle to suit your needs; by wearing the right gemstone or crystal, one can bring confidence and courage, directing the mind to a proper goal. They may also unfold compassion and bring love, clarity, success and hapiness into relationships.

Pulse reading in conjunction with the use of gemstones, metals and colour therapies is used both in a clinical setting such as applied in a variety Ayurveda therapies as Abhyanga, Turiya Therapy and others by using specific crystals and coloured lights directly on the body during treatment. Likewise, it’s used in a home setting personalized for your needs during a Ayurveda health consultation; where diet and lifestyle recommendations, including specific chromotherapy- the ideal use of colour in your life; everything from what colour to paint your walls to what gemstones to wear – may be suggested for you by a professional.

Colours & effects on the Doshas

  • RED, ORANGE & YELLOW = pacifies VK, aggravates P
  • GREEN = pacifies VP, aggravates K
  • BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET = pacifies PK, aggravates V
  • WHITE = pacifies VPK (although in excess, can be K promoting)
  • BLACK = aggravates VPK (YES, unfortunately it can disturb all 3 doshas)
    Interested to learn more about how to integrate these Ayurveda principles into your life or dive deeper on the healing journey you’ve begun? Book in with me for an online or in person consultation for a complete health assesment.

Even BETTER…if you have the opportunity to join me on an Ayurveda Yoga Retreat or Yoga Teacher Training you’ll intimately get to know your constitution with a 1-1 consultation with me; and as a bonus you’ll also leave with a solid base of the principles Ayurveda that you can apply to all aspects of your life, all while having the time of your life on an all inclusive wellness VACATION! My next Retreat & YTT dates are TBA, VERY SOON! Stay tuned!

On a final note, ideally you’d also consult with a qualified Jyotishi-Vedic astrologer to confirm that the gemstones that are good for your doshas; are also positively influencing your unique birth chart and planetary alignments!

So, there you have it folks, we’ve heard that you’ll wind up most similar to the 5 people you spend most time with, or that you are what you eat. Now we also know- you’re not just what you eat (and more importantly digest…) but also what you wear and what you surround yourself with.


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