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Online Course

This is a 100-hour crash course on knowledge of life.

Ayurveda is an ancient natural medicine practice (from India) aimed to help you heal yourself and harness a healthy relationship with your mind-body, and soul.

I’m sharing everything I’ve learned in this pre-recorded course that will teach you the bases of Ayurveda and how to integrate this science into your lifestyle. It is a truly transformational experience.

I recommend this course to yoga teachers, life coaches, healers, yoga practitioners, and anyone interested in transforming their lives, and/or the lives of their clients


  • History and Philosophy of Ayurveda
  • The fundamental theory of the doshas, sub doshas, and dhatus Psychology from an Ayurvedic Perspective Digestion.
  • Nutrition Ayurvedic Cooking Vegan Cooking & Baking Class
  • Disease Pathology Dinacharya & Rutucharya (Daily & Seasonal routines for self-care)
  • Ayurvedic lense on Yoga,
  • Meditation and Pranayama
  • Transformational Compassionate
  • Inquiry communication Yoga Nidra
  • Customized yoga classes for balancing tridosha


  • 100 hours of pre-recorded sessions
  • Special classes with Jasri Lambert & Jill Talve and Dr.Ramkumar.
  • Access to a private FB community where you can interact with other students and get your questions answered.
  • A 30-minute 1-1 consultation with me, where we will discuss how to dive deep into your transformation.



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