AYURVEDIC FACIAL – a natural facelift!


Includes mini Ayurveda facial, neck, shoulders, hands & feet massage.

This botanical facial involves marma point therapy (comparable to acupressure) and deep tissue massage as well as lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage effectively removes toxins, draining and eliminating puffiness and fluid retention while increasing blood circulation. This encourages more nutrition-rich and oxygenated blood to flow freely, feeding the skin cells and muscle tissue, improving regeneration and restoration of skin and facial tissues.

Jessica uses various techniques to release stress and tension, reduce under eye bags and fine lines. You can expect a more relaxed face and vibrant appearance with an improved complexion. With the integration of marma therapy and a special kansa wand, this truly becomes both a mind and body healing experience. Kansa (or bell metal) is revered in Ayurvedic texts as it promotes lymphatic drainage and removes built up toxins.