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Having an Ayurvedic Doula on your side pre and postpartum can be the best decision you make to restore your balance and nurture yourself during this magical yet demanding time. Your mind, body, and soul need to be tended to as well, not just your newborn.

As an Ayurvedic Doula, I’ll become your greatest ally. I’ll come to your home up to 4 times per week to nurture you and prepare delicious Ayurvedic meals for you and your family. In addition, I will give you a warm oil massage and other specialized treatments depending on your needs (as determined after our initial consultation).

*You deserve as much love and attention as you’re planning to give to your baby!


This treatment facilitates many of the essential ingredients of birth preparation through flow and breath, working with rhythm, and building trust. It promotes calmness, reduces stress hormones, and enhances the feeling of love and loving behavior.


This massage will support your recovery. This is a gentle full body rejuvenating massage. A specific protocol will be created for your individual needs, paying attention to your abdomen, shoulders, and low back.


Book a call with me to discuss the details of your 6-week package for postpartum. We can customize a plan that includes diet and lifestyle counseling, herbal recommendations, Yoga Nidra, breathwork and meditation, Ayurveda care, and cooking classes for your caretakers. Investing in a 6-week package can improve your health for the next 42 years. Depending on your location; in-person Abhyanga, Turiya Therapy, Belly Binding, and Chef Services may also be available.

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